A Five Element Perspective for a Future of Healing the Spirit and Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System

The Tao of The Polyvagal Theory

4 Module Movie + BONUS 5 Session Case Study

elementalAdvanced is excited to offer a 4 credit hour class on the book: ‘The Tao of The Polyvagal Theory: A Five Element Perspective for a Future of Healing the Spirit and Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System.‘ This class is currently credentialed for credits from NCCAOM and NCBTMB. 

This course is available to talk therapists as CE, and depending on your State board license, you may need to submit your certificate of completion, as well as the class description. Other healthcare professionals may be able to receive credits as well; please check with your specific credentialing organization for confirmation.

The book required reading for the class. Within this class, the concepts and theories within the book will be expanded upon and illustrated within clinical case studies. 

Several new concepts are presented that assist in the evolution of the Five Element practice, and establish new paradigms for addressing emotional and physiological healing and balance of the internal environment. The class describes the Tan Cycle and the Yu Angles in even more detail than what is offered within the book. Emphasis is placed on the integrity of yin and yang energies to support and lift each other throughout the transformational process of inner balance, as holographically referenced by integrative and transformative processes within the natural environment we are surrounded by, and live within.

This class contains all of the illustrations from the book, plus additional illustrations, that are meant to be used as healing meditations. Several schematics are also offered that have been designed to help medical practitioners, of all disciplines, integrate the treatment theories presented into their respective practices. These schematics will be given to you as PDF downloads with the book purchase. 

The theories illustrated through these simple schematics are very helpful when consulting with a client that has had a history of emotional or physical trauma and stress; or significant microbial, viral, or energetic imbalance that may affect the Autonomic Nervous System. In complex cases, the body and tissues may “hide” relevant information from the practitioner to perpetuate this state of imbalance within the trauma cycle. Working with the physical tissues associated with the Elements, through the Tan Cycle and the Yu Angles treatment theories, may provide a non-re-traumatizing pathway toward efficient healing by gently, physically lifting the veil of the trauma response. 

The case study illustrated within the class describes a five session treatment sequence that follows the treatment theories presented. One session is presented in the main class, and a bonus listening activity is offered, that depicts the rest of the entire 5-sequence treatment session with a client suffering from a chronic orthopedic condition with emotional nuance. This allows for the experience of the power and flow of the treatment techniques that are taught within the Elemental Manual Meridian Theory and Techniques (EMMT) curriculum.